Mao Zedong and Communism in China

Today, the 26th December, is the day of birth of our great Proletarian Leader Comrade Mao. It is justified that all over the world marxist-leninists are recognizing Maos hard work. There are peoples that get rid of their government thousand times but they were not able to build up a socialist state. The Chinese People led by Mao had to chase away foreign troops in a civil war before building up socialism. By electing the national bourgeoisie and farmers as allies of the workers and other tactical finesses the Chinese people could be successful. Here we can see how important it is for freeing a country and building up a socialist state to have qualified leaders who know the marxist-leninist theory and know how to use it for the revolution - no theoretical knowledge, no practical success.

Moreover Mao Zedongs advancement of marxism-leninism are very crucial even today. By the reason that there are still classes in socialism there is also a class struggle arising in very different forms. Noticing that class struggle after the civil war has to go on, Mao Zedong organized the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution which became the highest form of class struggle. The whole people was stirred into action against revisionism and other counter revolutionary forces in the educational system, the public service and of course in the communist party. Even public opinions could be changed by this mass movement.

All in all we have to say that Mao Zedong was a great proletarian leader who contributed a lot of important ideas for developing the marxism-leninism.

Being a revolutionary means struggling organized, means giving her/his whole life for the revolution, means subordinating her/his own interests to the ones of the revolution. That is why everyone should remember Comrade Mao today, he was a real revolutionary.